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This "gentle giant" is generally healthy, strong and sturdy. A delightful breed, it is even tempered, active, intelligent and astute, graceful and curious. Its miaow is fairly quiet and it's very adaptable. It seems tailor-made to lie in front of a fire, purring, but it enjoys the outdoor life and hunting, too. This affectionate cat is also good with dogs. An excellent pet in a household where there are children or elderly people.

SHARAD British Shorthair

Barry & Lorraine Hillier
08 8263 8610

*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2018-19

SOLACES British Shorthair

Sue Allen

*GCCFSA registered prefix

TRUBRIT British Shorthair

Julie Watson

*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2018-19

MIRIELLA British Shorthair & Scottish Fold

*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2018-19

BELARLEY British Shorthair

*GCCFSA registered prefix

JETADORE British Shorthair & Bengal

*GCCFSA registered prefix

CatPad Enclosures

Jenny Coats
0417 861 781
0418 852 951

Custom Built ‘Resorts’ for Cats!
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• Affordable prices
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