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    Group 5 Cat of the Year Scores GCCFSA


    Cat of the Year Progress 2022

    Last updated 2022-11-12 02:21:44 including END OF YEAR - 2022

    Group 5Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
    KittensJellyDFKS Venning134
     Cur De LeonDMKT Kearns & A Peterson77
     Milo Chat Du NuitDMKT Kearns & A Peterson57
     NahDMKT Kearns52
     NopeDMKT Kearns 40
     BuzzDMKM Hinder40
     Miss MollyDFKS Deuter40
     NixDFKT Kearns30
    Neuter CatsBatmanDNMCD Skulteti 177
     JellyDSFCS Venning98
     Cur De LeonDNMCT Kearns92
     Lucy WDSFCC Willmott89
     Sugar PieDSFCD Skulteti 85
     Milo Chat Du NuitDNMCD Dunstan & P Peterson52
     OakerelDNMCT Kearns52
     Miss MollyDSFCS Deuter35
     ZoeDSFCT Kearns30
     Charls About TownDNMCT Kearns20
     Louie LadDNMCL Colmer17
     HazelDSFCM Skulteti17