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    Group 1 Cat of the Year Scores GCCFSA


    Cat of the Year Progress 2022

    Last updated 2022-11-12 02:21:44 including END OF YEAR - 2022

    Group 1Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
    KittensCoonmagic YukiMaine CoonR May & P Sullivan167
     Willangi Just JoeyExotic ShorthairJ Gibson124
     Wroxton TallulabelleRagdollJ Perry98
     Korokat My Oh My DelilahPersianJ Polias83
     Oceaneyes LuciferRagdollJ Perry82
     Kingslee Park HarlequinMaine CoonM&A Ivens74
     Coonmagic Itsa Long StoryMaine CoonK Mattock74
     Coonmagic Diamonds N RustMaine CoonK Mattock60
     Nzuri Miss Fancy PantsRagdollA Schuit59
     Maynetree DublinMaine CoonR May & P Sullivan48
     Maynetree DuckyMaine CoonL Grech-Staehr45
     Coonmagic Mr BojanglesMaine CoonK Mattock43
     Coonmagic FernandoMaine CoonR&J Gibson40
     Coonmagic Don CorleoneMaine CoonM Neumann & L Pugliese35
     Coonmagic Betty WhiteMaine CoonK Mattock33
     Nzuri Hugs & KissesRagdollA Schuit30
     Admat CinderellaPersianC Garavelis30
     Ltrend Barter BrideMaine CoonK Mattock26
     Coonmagic AlouetteMaine CoonK Mattock20
     Kingslee Park OrlandoMaine CoonC & M Murphy17
     Wroxton UlysessRagdollJ Perry15
     Nzuri Chase N My DreamRagdollA Schuit15
    Entire CatsCoonmagic GastonMaine CoonK Mattock334
     Wroxton TallulabelleRagdollJ Perry139
     Coonmagic Cadillac JackMaine CoonM Ivens107
     Glamara Moon MagicBirmanS Briton97
     Triumph Vivalavita *RUSiberianT Burke83
     Bellajoy Tulip Tippy ToesPersianJ Polias66
     Raglace RomenoRagdollA Schuit66
     Oceaneyes LuciferRagdollJ Perry64
     Nzuri Blue LighteningRagdollJ Perry57
     Coonmagic MoonshadowMaine CoonK Mattock49
     Coonmagic YukiMaine CoonR May & P Sullivan48
     Coonmagic Ruby TuesdayMaine CoonK Mattock34
     Coonmagic Betty WhiteMaine CoonK mattock26
     Kingslee Park HarlequinMaine CoonM&A Ivens26
     Malleecatz Lets ElopeMaine CoonM Wright15
     SmokeNDiamonds NikoMaine CoonR May & P Sullivan15
    Neuter CatsCoonmagic Cool HarveyMaine CoonH Gordon284
     Coonmagic Yosemite SamMaine CoonH Gordon255
     Romeouws You Are My SunshinePersianJ & R Gibson202
     Snowpass BeauregardeExotic ShorthairC Willmott196
     Sarikamajik UsambaBirmanJ Edwards116
     Amjance Vincent Van GoghRagdollL Rhyne & J Kennett73
     Bobbysocks Summer HeatBirmanJ Edwards56
     Amjance MichaelangeloRagdollL Rhyne & J Kennett56
     Ashdene Follow The DreamPersianJ & R Polias50
     Coonmagic Tainted LoveMaine CoonK Mattock34
     Cottoncandy MarshmallowRagdollJ Perry13