Best of Breed Point Scores

Best of Breed Points GCCFSA


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Best of Breed Progress 2022 Group 1

Last updated 2022-11-12 02:21:44

Prefix and NameTotal Breed PointsBreedOwnerComment
Willangi Just Joey70Exotic ShorthairJ Gibson3 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Yuki91Maine CoonR May & P Sullivan5 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Itsa Long Story51Maine CoonK Mattock5 Shows - GCCFSA
Maynetree Dublin36Maine CoonR May & P Sullivan5 Shows - GCCFSA
Kingslee Park Harlequin30Maine CoonM&A Ivens4 Shows - DUAL
Coonmagic Diamonds N Rust30Maine CoonK Mattock1 Show - GCCFSA
Maynetree Ducky27Maine CoonL Grech-Staehr4 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Don Corleone27Maine CoonM Neumann & L Pugliese3 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Mr Bojangles21Maine CoonK Mattock1 Show - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Fernando20Maine CoonR&J Gibson3 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Betty White15Maine CoonK Mattock1 Show - DUAL
Ltrend Barter Bride14Maine CoonK Mattock1 Show - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Alouette10Maine CoonK Mattock1 Show - DUAL
Kingslee Park Orlando7Maine CoonC & M Murphy1 Show - Dual
Korokat My Oh My Delilah70PersianJ Polias3 Shows - GCCFSA
Admat Cinderella10PersianC Garavelis1 Show - NSWCFA
Wroxton Tallulabelle60RagdollJ Perry2 Shows - GCCFSA
Oceaneyes Lucifer60RagdollJ Perry5 Shows - GCCFSA
Nzuri Hugs & Kisses57RagdollA Schuit5 Shows - GCCFSA
Nzuri Miss Fancy Pants34RagdollA Schuit3 Shows - GCCFSA
Nzuri Chase N My Dream24RagdollA Schuit4 Shows - GCCFSA
Wroxton Ulysess21RagdollJ Perry1 Show - DUAL
Amjance Vincent Van Gogh7RagdollL Rhyne & J Kennett2 Shows - Pending
Glamara Moon Magic60BirmanS Briton2 Shows - FASA
Coonmagic Gaston177Maine CoonK Mattock9 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Cadillac Jack65Maine CoonM Ivens6 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Yuki31Maine CoonR May & P Sullivan3 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Moonshadow24Maine CoonK Mattock3 Shows - GCCFSA
Kingslee Park Harlequin21Maine CoonM&A Ivens1 Show - GCCFSA
SmokeNDiamonds Niko17Maine CoonR May & P Sullivan2 Shows - GCCFSA
Coonmagic Ruby Tuesday14Maine CoonK Mattock3 Shows - GCCFSA
Malleecatz Lets Elope7Maine CoonM Wright1 Show - Dual
Bellajoy Tulip Tippy Toes70PersianJ Polias3 Shows - Dual
Wroxton Tallulabelle60RagdollJ Perry7 Shows - GCCFSA
Raglace Romeno50RagdollA Schuit5 Shows - GCCFSA
Nzuri Blue Lightening47RagdollJ Perry5 Shows - GCCFSA
Oceaneyes Lucifer30RagdollJ Perry3 Shows - GCCFSA
Triumph Vivalavita *RU80SiberianT Burke4 Shows - DUAL
Sarikamajik Usamba150BirmanJ Edwards9 Shows - Dual
Bobbysocks Summer Heat70BirmanJ Edwards5 Shows - Dual
Snowpass Beauregarde190Exotic ShorthairC Willmott9 Shows - Dual
Coonmagic Cool Harvey154Maine CoonH Gordon10 Shows - Dual
Coonmagic Yosemite Sam111Maine CoonH Gordon9 Shows - Dual
Coonmagic Tainted Love17Maine CoonK Mattock3 Shows - GCCFSA
Maynetree Alida7Maine CoonEleanor Morgan1 Show - GCCFSA
Skansen Moon Shadow130Norwegian Forest catJ Adams6 Shows - GCCFSA
Romeouws You Are My Sunshine110PersianJ & R Gibson5 Shows - GCCFSA
Ashdene Follow The Dream40PersianJ & R Polias2 Shows - Dual
Amjance Vincent Van Gogh70RagdollL Rhyne & J Kennett4 Shows - GCCFSA
Amjance Michaelangelo60RagdollL Rhyne & J Kennett4 Shows - GCCFSA
Cottoncandy Marshmallow10RagdollJ Perry2 Shows - GCCFSA