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Welcome to the GCCFSA

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy South Australia

Established in 1962 and affiliated with the Australian Cat Federation, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia (GCCFSA) is the original controlling body and pedigreed cat registry in this state. The Council is supported by eight affiliated cat clubs, and we cater for all cat-lovers / owners / breeders of most cat breeds.

Our Secretary and Public Relations Officer voluntarily provide our free 'information and advice' service, because we all love cats and we want your pet to live a long and happy life.


Next show: SACBA All Breeds Cat Show - Sun 3 October

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All show results available as CATALOGUES & SHOW RESULTS  [Jul21]

Golden Awards 2019-2021 FINALS - see GOLDEN AWARDS   [Jul21]

Vaccination certificates MUST now be provided at vetting for all kittens. Please ensure that kittens can be identified on the vetting card and the original stickers and vet signatures are available.

Be ON TIME for vetting - late exhibits may be refused entry.

  • Secretary - Fiona Hawkins / Treasurer - Nigel Edwards / Members - Leonie Smith
  • Registrars: Group 1 - Kim Mattock / Group 2,5&6 - Chris Bentley / Group 3&4 - Judith Russack / Honours - Heather Gordon
  • Judges Course Coordinator - Liz Andresen
  • Stewards Course Coordinators - Judith Adams & Leonie Smith

*See Executives for all positions

*See News for more

Motions to come into effect from 1st March 2021

  • That GCCFSA agrees to extend the current COVID-19 amendment of show rules that apply to the use local judges which the pandemic in ongoing, in particular, to assignments and challenges.
  • That a hot weather rule be created and applied to all club shows run under GCCFSA.
  • Amendment to Code of Ethics for Breeders: Rule 2 All litters of GCCFSA registered breeders must be registered with GCCFSA. All individual kittens MUST be registered with GCCFSA. Penalties will now apply.
  • Amendment to Code of Ethics for Breeders: Rule 2.1 Dam MUST be registered with GCCFSA when registering a litter.

There are no changes to the fees and charges of GCCFSA in 2021


Are you looking to find the right cat for you? If it is a purebred breed from a registered breeder, browse through our list of breeders here to find one who suits you. All GCCFSA breeders must follow a code of breeding ethics.

We recommend that buyers purchase only vaccinated and desexed kittens of appropriate age, and that pedigreed kittens be purchased only from breeders registered with an approved Cat Control. The registering bodies can confirm the registration status of breeders. If you plan to exhibit or breed, please check with the breeder and the registering bodies that your feline will be registered as a pedigree cat.

Code of Ethics for Breeders 

Notice:  MIKIDZ RAGDOLLS (S Yandell) is NOT registered with GCCFSA, FASA or DACO [May 2019]

Notice:  SHIKI BIRMANS (VL Eves) is NOT registered with GCCFSA [Jul 2020]

Notice: COTTONCANDY RAGDOLLS (L&J Lane) is NOT registered with GCCFSA [Mar 2020]


GROUP 1 - Longhair

GROUP 2, 5&6 - Siamese, Domestic & Companion

GROUP 3&4, BDP - Shorthair and Breed Development Programs

For more details on GCCFSA Officebearers see Executives

  • *ANCATs pedigrees can be transferred to GCCFSA/ACF (after verification)
  • *AICC pedigrees can now be transferred to GCCFSA/ACF (after verification)
  • *CVI pedigrees dated up to 4 Dec 2019 only, can be accepted by GCCFSA/ACF

From 1 July 2020, all breeder registration fees must be paid directly to Dogs and Cats Online (DACO).

A lifetime DACO breeder number will be allocated on 1 July 2020 to all Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of SA (GCCFSA) members who are registered breeders, and a breeder registration renewal will be sent directly to your members during July 2020.

Members of your organisation who are required to register as a new breeder after 1 July 2020 will do so directly in DACO and confirm their GCCFSA membership number. GCCFSA will be advised of all new members.

The $75 breeder registration fee applies from 1 July to 30 June each year. GCCFSA members only need to register as a breeder in DACO in the financial year that they intend to sell cats they have bred. A DACO breeder registration number applies to one person and is not transferrable.

DACO breeder number and breeder contact details must be included in all advertisements for sale i.e. newspaper, noticeboard, on-line and social media etc. For more information, visit

DACO Enhancement

Dogs and Cats Online has been enhanced with improvements to make it easier for breeders to transfer DACO microchip records to new owners and for new owners to complete the microchip record in their name.

The Dog and Cat Management Board have produced some guides and a pamphlet to support these processes, which are available to your members on the Dog and Cat Management Board website at

GCCFSA membership numbers will be retained in DACO and this will appear with the DACO breeder number when someone performs a breeder search, identifying the breeder as a member of GCCFSA upholding the standards set by your organisation. GCCFSA membership numbers may be entered into more than one DACO owner account, and also serve as an exemption to the desexing requirements.

Before registration renewal notices are issued we will make direct contact with GCCFSA members currently registered in DACO to assist them with the impending changes.


TRANSFER OF PEDIGREES TO NSWCFA - NSWCFA now require a five (5) generation pedigree for all breeds of cats being transfered to them. Effective from 1/01/2019 - the GCCFSA fee for a five (5) generation pedigree is $16.00.

TRANSFER OF BRITISH SHORTHAIR TO QFA - QFA now require an eight (8) generation pedigree or be able to verify 8 generations on transfer for British Shorthair. Effective from 1/01/2019 - the GCCFSA fee for an eight (8) generation pedigree is $40.00.

IMPORTING BRITISH SHORTHAIR TO ACF (AND AFFILIATES) - ACF affiliates now require a FIVE (5) generation pedigree on importation of British Shorthair. This can be done be ancestral pedigree and must show clear lines of British Shorthair to be accepted. Effective from June 2019 (ratified Sept 2019).

GCCFSA Cattery Accreditation

GCCFSA has a program of accreditation (period of 5 years) for catteries (breeding and boarding) that are registered with GCCFSA. The program is intended to show that GCCFSA is acting in a responsible way to promote and protect our catteries and the public.

More details in Members section - Documents 

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A responsibly owned cat will be a source of pleasure and comfort for many years.

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