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    Group 2 Cat of the Year Scores GCCFSA


    Cat of the Year Progress 2023

    Last updated 2023-11-16 19:13:06 including EOY 15/11/2023

    Group 2Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
    KittensZoel Cruel SummerOriental SHA & J Hobbs160
     Shimmeree TiffanySiameseV Fenton109
     Lookatmese London BoySiameseV Fenton91
     Shimmeree LeilaniSiameseK Tomlinson77
     Shimmeree Fleur De LuneOriental SHE Perry57
     Shimmeree Chocolat ChaudSiameseE Perry52
     Cleveland GizelleOriental SHS & E Andresen35
    Entire CatsShimmeree Ooh La LaSiameseE Hoare254
     Shimmeree Le PapillonOriental SHE Hoare142
     Keiko MarigoldSiameseK Tomlinson85
     Lookatmese Call To ArmsSiameseA & J Hobbs40
     Shimmeree Moulin RogueOriental SHE Hoare32
     Astraxalotte Akira WulfSiameseA & J Hobbs15
    Neuter CatsSyana Belle De JourOriental SHL Kennedy206
     Lookatmese On The WingSiameseL Kennedy189
     Templeton Charlie ChaplinOriental SHD Armishaw109
     Shimmeree Chocolat ChaudSiameseE Perry77
     Shimmeree TiffanySiameseV Fenton62
     Shimmeree Fleur De LuneOriental SHE Perry57
     Templeton SamaelOriental LHD Armishaw52
     Shimmeree LeilaniSiameseK Tomlinson44
     Keiko Flower PowerSiameseK Tomlinson20
     Lookatmese All BlueSiameseA & J Hobbs17