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GCCFSA Policies & Guidelines


Show Rules
  • The current show rules and information are available to read online in Show Information 
  • The booklet can be downloaded


Disputes, Protests or Complaints


Information Leaflets Available

These leaflets are available at all GCCFSA events

  • Environmentally Friendly Cats
  • Cats & Wildlife - The World is Big Enough for Both
  • A Living Gift
  • A House of His Own
  • Make Me Welcome
  • Cats Have 9 Lives, But...
  • You've Got Personality


GCCFSA Cattery Accreditation

GCCFSA has a program of accreditation (period of 5 years) for catteries (breeding and boarding) that are registered with GCCFSA. The program is intended to show that GCCFSA is acting in a responsible way to promote and protect our catteries and the public.

This is a voluntary program, but it is an advantage for your cattery to have accreditation. When enquiries are made through the GCCFSA Secretary or clubs, the accreditation is acknowledged and passed on to buyers.

Inspection may be by your choice of two members of the inspection panel or by a veterinarian.

A certificate, valid for five* years, will be issued on approved inspection.

To apply:

  • Complete the inspection request form, nominate two of the accreditation team members or your own vet to inspect your cattery, and make a booking for inspection with Liz Andresen, GCCFSA Secretary.
  • The application form may be used for self-assessment before booking an inspection.
  • Application form [pdf]

Accreditation panel members:

  • Judith Adams, Liz Andresen, Kim Mattock
  • All panel members have been inspected and accredited.


  • *Period of certification revised March 2019


Last updated 1 Jul 2023 - GCCFSA