Fees for GCCFSA

Bengal cat


Cheque / money order payable to GCCFSA Inc

Direct deposit

Bank SA A/c GCCFSA Inc

BSB 105-090 A/c 346 285 140


*Please do not send cash through the post. *

CURRENT FEES from 1 MARCH 2023$0.00
Litter Registration – per litter, under 6 months of age on application$10.00
Litter Registration – per litter, over 6 months of age on application$15.00
Ownership Registration – with 4Gen pedigree, kitten under 9 months on application$10.00
Ownership Registration – with 4Gen pedigree, cat over 9 months on application$15.00
Ownership Registration – Domestic & Companion$10.00
Transfer of Registration – within Governing Council$10.00
Transfer of Registration – dual FASA registration or from interstate, within 6 months of transfer$10.00
Transfer of Registration – dual FASA registration or from interstate, over 6 months after transfer$15.00
Transfer of Registration – international, within 6 months of transfer$20.00
Transfer of Registration – international, over 6 months after transfer$25.00
Prefix Application or Transfer – life registration$20.00
Certified Pedigree – 5 Generation (cat plus 4 familial generations) – each additional generation plus $20$20.00
Reprint of Registration Certificate (4 generation)$10.00
Honours Application – Pedigree to Double Grand / Companion to Supreme (certificate)$10.00
Medallion Awards – Pedigree Bronze, Silver, Gold (medallion at EOY Awards)$15.00
Higher Awards – Pedigree Imperial, Regal, Supreme (certificate)$10.00
Higher Awards – Pedigree Platinum / Companion Platinum (trophy at EOY Awards)$15.00
Reprint of Show Certificates$5.00
Application forms – available printed at shows, per form$0.20
GCCFSA Annual Membership – per person payable 1 January . . . (1 Jan to 31 Dec)$10.00
GCCFSA Club Affiliation Annual Fee – payable 1 January$100.00
GCCFSA Stewards Training Course$15.00
GCCFSA Judges Training Course$30.00
Complaint (submitted by member)$30.00