Our Judges for GCCFSA


Michele Ristuccia ~ Groups ACF 2, 3, 4

0405 548 977

3 Pederick Rd
Lewiston 5501

I am probably not as well known for my Burmese as I am for my Burmilla which I started breeding with GCCFV approval in 2000. As far as I am aware I registered the first Burmilla’s in Victoria. I am passionate about development of the Burmilla breed in Australia, having supported 3 new breeders in a mentoring program and developing contact with Burmilla breeders in Australia and Internationally alike, enabling me to import two males from Europe after sending two over to Europe myself. Eventually I also exported to the USA, where they are the fastest tracked breed into Championship in CFA USA history.
My Burmilla have achieved excellence here in Australia as well as overseas, and I am proud of my achievements with this breed. I started breeding cats because my husband bought me a brown Burmese to keep my company during the long hours while he was at work as a chef. You know the story, "we’ll just have one litter and see if we like it" Well we did, and we were hooked.
I have bred Burmese since 1989, and they are still one of my favourite breeds. Silver is my passion, New Breed Development and health a consuming interest, always questioning and wondering about the possibilities. I have contributed to many judges conferences over the years, especially with regards to the development of our two new breeds, the Burmilla under the Miamber prefix and the Mandalay, which my husband and I breed under the joint Blackglama prefix. Our Blackglama Mandalay are not bred in large numbers but have had a modicum of success at local as well as National show level. I have also given myself the challenge of breeding a show quality Griffon Bruxellois dog, having had my first litter at the end of 2015. I am an adherent of breeding for conformation, the ideal of beauty and functionality.

I qualified as a steward with GCCFV in 2004, stewarding or helping in some way at a lot of shows, I was a long term member of the Burmese and Other Shorthair Cat Club. I have served on Executive, and various Committees. I finished training as a Group 2 and 4 Judge in December 2005. I qualified in Group Three in 2010 bringing me to All Shorthair and have since completed quite a few Judging Assignments around Australia including a Group 2 and 4 assignment at the 2009 CCCA National Show in Perth and several Shorthair assignments in New Zealand since 2012.

I am also a Royal Canin Ambassador and enjoy representing this major stakeholder in feline health through nutrition at feline and canine events around Australia. Hopefully I will be able to contribute many more years to the Cat Fancy yet and maybe I will meet up with you at a show soon.

ACF Panel: 2022 (G2,3)
GCCFSA Panel: 2022 (transfer)
GCCFSA Trainee: 2023 (G1)

Assignments – 2024
21.04.24 – FCCV Autumn Show – Group 2/3/4 – FCCV

Assignments – 2023
26.02.23 – FASA Summer Show – Group 3 – FASA
07.05.23 – QICC Mayday Mayday Show – Shorthair/Companion – QICC
21.05.23 – World of Cats Club Show – Group 3/Companion – GCCFV
5&6.08.23 – All British Cat Society & Rex Cat Fanciers – Group 2/3/4/5/6 – GCCFSA

Assignments – 2022
22–23/10/22 – Rex Cat Fanciers of SA Revival Show – Group 2/5/6 – GCCFSA