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New Companion Classes

COMPANION EXHIBITS - Group 6 Proposal for another show section separate from Domestics for Companion Cats and Kittens.
Open to all exhibits that do not meet the standard for showing in pedigree classes (For breeds recognised by Gov Council)
All exhibits must be desexed. Kittens to be desexed by 6 months of age.
Judged to the ACF Companion standard which includes condition, cleanliness, quality of coat, temperament and appearance.
No consideration to be given to breeds standard of points in the assessment as a Companion Pet, all compete on equal basis. No penalties for faults. (ie. Kinked tail)
As for Domestics, exhibits to be registered with Gov Council as Companion Exhibits.
Companion Exhibits not to compete with Domestics for any awards
Classes same as for Domestics.
CMK - Companion Male Kitten
CFK - Companion Female Kitten
CNMC - Companion Neuter Male Cat
CNFC - Companion Neuter Female Cat