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2019 Show Calendar

Show calendar for 2019 now available


2018 Royal Adelaide Show Results


Conducted under the auspices of the RA&HS in conjunction with GCCFSA, using ACF standards  -

RESULTS - click here [pdf]

Fri 31 Aug - Balinese, Foreign White, Oriental, Siamese

Sat 1 Sep - Abyssinian, Russian, Somali

Sun 2 Sep - Birman, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian

Mon 3 Sep - Bengal, Sphynx, Ocicat

Tue 4 Sep - Burmese, Burmilla, Tonkinese

Wed 5 Sep - Breeders and Club Day

Thu 6 Sep - Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Selkirk Rex

Fri 7 Sep - British Shorthair, Cymric, Exotic, Manx, Persian, Ragdoll

Sat 8 Sep - Domestic

Sun 9 Sep - Finals Day


Congratulations to the Top 15 Best in Show and Top Domestics in Show

Supreme Exhibit in Show - Adelhills Special Edition, Bengal Kitten, Melinda Radus

Supreme Domestic Exhibit in Show - Malleelad Frederick, Domestic Kitten, N J & R Gibson