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New Executives & Rules in 2021



  • Secretary - Fiona Hawkins / Treasurer - Nigel Edwards / Members - Leonie Smith
  • Registrars: Group 1 - Kim Mattock / Group 2,5&6 - Chris Bentley / Group 3&4 - Judith Russack / Honours - Heather Gordon
  • Judges Course Coordinator - Liz Andresen
  • Stewards Course Coordinators - Judith Adams & Leonie Smith

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Motions to come into effect from 1st March 2021

  • Show Rules
  • That GCCFSA agrees to extend the current COVID-19 amendment of show rules that apply to the use local judges which the pandemic in ongoing, in particular, to assignments and challenges.
  • That a hot weather rule be created and applied to all club shows run under GCCFSA.
  • That Judges Contracts include a clause about being stranded in the state or country in the event of a pandemic or catastrophic event.
  • Code of Ethics for Breeders
  • Amendment to Code of Ethics for Breeders: Rule 2 All litters of GCCFSA registered breeders must be registered with GCCFSA. All individual kittens MUST be registered with GCCFSA. Penalties will now apply.
  • Amendment to Code of Ethics for Breeders: Rule 2.1 Dam MUST be registered with GCCFSA when registering a litter.
  • Operating Rules
  • That all Clubs must make payment on GCCFSA insurance and affiliation fees within 30 days of the invoice being rendered.
  • That all Clubs are required to provide a list of delegates to Council within 14 days following their Club Annual General Meeting.
  • That the GCCFSA Working Account have accessible funds for payments and reimbursements at any time.
  • That the incoming Stewards Course Coordinator/s review the current training course and rewrite/provide a new course as required, to be approved by Council; and written reports be provided to Council on each trainee.


There are no changes to the fees and charges of GCCFSA in 2021